Well, I am Sorin and this is my blog. And I think the shortest description of what I do or am would be: experienced tech jack of all trades.

Always was and will be a tech enthusiast. Going deeper than that, I’ve been called such things as a coder, sysadmin, Linux analyst, digital marketer, coder, digital agency-owner, pc enthusiast, server geek, Magento dev, WordPress fanboy, designer, front-end guy, etc.

I’ve put quite some hours in LAMP/LEMP stacks, CentOS, Magento 1.x & 2.x, WordPress, PHP, Mysql, Java, Javascript, SQL and of course, HTML/CSS are mandatory and most of the times not even worth mentioning. I also worked on some Open Cart & Prestashop shops. Not a fan but they can certainly do the job. Networking, PC building, hardware stuff and many more are also very fascinating to me.

But how? Easy. Two things helped: I love what I do, and that allows me to sit 14h straight into work if needed. And second but not least, an understanding wife. A healthy work/life balance is necessary. But some days, work needs to be done and that’s when having someone who gets it helps. Oh, and the fact that we both do the work helps a lot. 🙂

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