Hi, I’m Sorin – the guy behind Techie-Show.com, Petech.ro, and their YouTube Channels. Whether you’re diving into my content in Romanian or English, you’re stepping into a realm where technology ignites passion.

In my diverse tech journey, I’ve explored everything from system administration, Linux stuff, digital marketing, and web development. Alongside running a digital studio, I collaborate closely with my wife, who skillfully handles camera work and editing.

My fascination isn’t limited to software; consumer and enterprise hardware and the latest tech gadgets equally captivate me. Whether I’m building PCs, experimenting with server configurations, or exploring new hardware & gadgets, I’m having fun.

What fuels my tech passion? A deep love for what I do and the support of my understanding partner, balancing work and life together.

My blogs and YouTube channels are more than just digital spaces; they’re platforms for connecting with fellow tech enthusiasts. Let’s discuss, share, and explore the evolving world of technology together.

Expect a mix of videos and blog posts filled with ideas, reviews, opinions, news, and some lighthearted humor.
Join me in this tech adventure, one post and video at a time!

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