What is a URL?

A URL can also be called a web address or even link. URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator.

A URL, usually contains the transfer protocol, the domain name and the path. It can however have other stuff too. (like URL queries marked with a question mark, after the path)

Let’s take this URL for example: https://techie-show.com/what-is-a-domain-name/

  • https:// is the transfer protocol;
  • techie-show is the domain name;
  • .com is the TLD (top-level domain);
  • /what-is-a-domain-name/ is the path;

A URL points to a specific page on a website.

Here’s an image explaining the above:

Safety tip: try and steer away from HTTP:// websites if you don’t know for sure what that website contains, as nowadays any trustworthy website will run through the HTTPS:// protocol. Also don’t fill out and send any online forms from HTTP:// websites.

And still on the subject somewhat, here’s what an IP address is, and what DNS is.