Linux and guitars

Well, I guess it still counts as tech-related, even if guitars are involved.

I occasionally, as time allows, enjoy playing my guitar. I’m not very good, self-taught, and I don’t have some impressive list of gear. And obviously, I use Linux. But to my surprise, while wanting to edit some presets on my Digitech RP250 multi-effects pedal, I discovered that someone made a Linux alternative to X-Edit, the official tool to edit presets in Windows! And I like its layout even more than X-Edit!

What Linux software I use with my guitar

Tuxguitar is probably my favorite tablature editor. Two things that I really like about it: the whole insert chord and how they are shown (you can pick several variations out of the box) and the fact that it properly supports gp3, gp4, and gp5 files (Guitar Pro files, a great piece of software, not free). This is because I often try out files from

Gdigi is the alternative to X-Edit for some Digitech multi-effects pedals I mentioned at the start of the article. It just works! And it looks pretty good. This is on Fedora 37, so yeah. Pretty happy to have this working perfectly on my main OS. (Gdigi currently supports the following Digitech models: RP150, RP155, RP250, RP255, RP355, RP500, RP1000, GNX3000, GNX4K)

Audacity to record audio and even edit it. As the pedal I have can connect via USB to the PC, I can actually record what I play directly with Audacity, and it sounds pretty good. And obviously recording the old fashion way with a microphone.

And that’s about it, really.

But I’ve heard good things about Guitarix too. And if you have a Fender Mustang Amp, there is also Plug. And even something for the GT-100 from Boss here.

To be fair, I don’t know why I am so hyped about this. I just thought that as my Digitech is quite old and stuff, nobody would care about this for Linux.

My gear

And if you were wondering what I jam on:

  • Guitar: Ibanez GRG270B
  • Amp: Vox Pathfinder R15
  • Pedal: Digitech RP250

In the end

You have to love how cool the open-source community is and how great people are. So many free things that just work!