Sound volume is low in Linux? Try this

So this is a fast one. I’ve been using Fedora, but this deffinetly works in most Linux distros like Linux Mint and others.

I use the integrated audio chip from my B450 Aorus Pro. It has a Realtek ALC1220-VB chip. I’ve noticed that after setting everything up, sound volume is lower than in Windows 10.

Turns out, despite everything being set on 100%, I just needed to also set the master in alsamixer to 100%. For whatever reason, it was at 70%.

How to check if this is also your problem:

  1. Open the terminal
  2. Type alsamixer and hit enter
  3. On the interface shown, check for the Card and Chip in the top corner. The selected one for me was not my Realtec ALC1220.
  4. So press F6 and select your sound card.
  5. On the folume sliders, use left/right arrow to change the slider you are adjusting and up/down to increase/decrease level.
  6. My Master was at 70%. Upped it to 100% and boom! Volume is back!

Here’s an image if it helps:

So yeah, it was this easy! Try it in case you feel like volume is kind of low after installing your favorite Linux distro!

Oh, and if your settings do not persist during reboot, give this a try.