Alsamixer not saving settings

So after writing this aricle, I realised I forgot to mention how to fix the alsamixer not saving settings during system restart issue. Sure, normally you should enter sudo alsactl store, and everything should be ok. But sometimes… it’s not! Here’s how you fix that.

How to get alsamixet to save settings after restart

The steps you need to perform are these:

  • 1. Open alsamixer

    In a terminal, enter sudo alsamixer

  • 2. Make the changes you want

    And save them with the following command after exiting alsamixer:

    sudo alsactl –file ~/.config/asound.state store

  • 4. Open bashrc

    Open bashrc by typing this into the terminal:

    sudo nano ~/.bashrc

  • 5. Add the following at the end:

    On a new line, enter:

    alsactl –file ~/.config/asound.state restore

  • 6. Save file and reboot

    Reboot the system after saving the bashrc file to test.


Your issue is now solved. Congrats!

I hope this fixed your issue too! This works for me on Ubuntu and Fedora. Haven’t tested other distros, but it should be ok.