Redragon Centaur Black K506 – review

So I got my hands on a Redragon Centaur keyboard. Let’s see what this keyboard can do and how good it is. First of all, keep in mind this is a rubber dome keyboard. First …

So I got my hands on a Redragon Centaur keyboard. Let’s see what this keyboard can do and how good it is. First of all, keep in mind this is a rubber dome keyboard.

First impression

The packaging is fairly standard: we have the black and red Redragon branded box, with the specs outlined. Inside we find the keyboard wrapped in plastic bubble wrap.

The keyboard has a matte black aluminum faceplate, with an interesting dome design for the lightning. It’s pretty heavy and seems sturdy. The cable is braided and red. Also, the USB is gold plated. And since I mentioned the front of the keyboard, please note that the back is made of ABS plastic, also black.

They key-caps are double injected so they will probably last a while. Though… I am definitely not a fan of the Redragon writing – the font on the keys is horrible and some letters, like O, B and the number 0 and 8 are pretty hard to read. Probably nitpicking since no gamer stares at the keyboard whilst playing. Oh well.

What I would have loved to see, is a basic software. Something to configure the lightning system… you currently need to do this by key combinations – not that bad, not great.

Redragon Centaur K506-BK specifications

  • Product code: K506-BK;
  • Type: gaming;
  • Numpad: yes;
  • Special keys: 12 multimedia keys actioned by pressing Fn + F’s;
  • Tech: Wired, Rubber Dome;
  • Interface: braided and gold plated USB;
  • Lightning: yes, 7 colors. The letter writing and the rubber dome is colored – pretty interesting effect;
  • No conflict keys: 19;

Decent specs. But! I got it at 45$ or about 40 euros. For this price, I’d expect RGB. Why? Because for just a couple of bucks extra, I can get a mechanical Redragon keyboard with RGB.

I think the specs are worth it if you get this keyboard on a discount or something.

The Centaur at work

Ok, I’ll admit: I don’t really game that much. I’ve used the keyboard for about two months on a day to day basis. Lots of typing and some gaming here and there.

What Redragon did with this keyboard is somewhat remarkable: they made a premium feeling keyboard, at a pretty good price.

I must say the keys are pretty silent and the unique design makes them easy to clean. Also love the fact that I can adjust the lighting intensity.

Everything works great, the keys are not too mushy and give decent feedback for a membrane keyboard.

Who is this product for?

The gamer on a budget that absolutely needs a keyboard that has some lightning. For this, it won’t let anyone down. Even if it has just 7 colors, they are remarkably well implemented. And the keyboard’s overall performance is not bad.


Would I recommend this? Yes, if you are on a budget and want something unique, sturdy and easy to clean.

If you could spare some extra $ kindly check the Redragon Rudra or one of their mechanical keyboards. They are pretty great too! But as far as membrane keyboards go, this one is one of my favorites.

Redragon Centaur Black K506


A good gaming keyboard, but do check out Redragon’s mechanical offerings too!
Material Quality


For tight budgets, it’s a great performing keyboard that has some lightning and it looks pretty good. That aluminum faceplate is an amazing addition as it makes it feed quite premium. But do look for Redragon’s mechanical offerings, as this is a rubber-dome keyboard and you might find that if you stretch your budget a bit you could get a mechanical keyboard.