I made a wooden phone stand

So I made a wooden phone stand for my phone, from a leftover piece of wood that I had after building the dog kennels.

Why? To be honest, I’m too lazy to pick up my phone for every notification. Now I can see them directly on my desk while looking at a great looking piece of wood.

Now, I love that rugged and not perfectly symmetrical look. And also, I can’t say I have a lot of tools for woodworking. If you are thinking about making a similar wood phone stand, after the gallery of the ‘building process’ I will write the steps I took in order to achieve that look. It’s not perfect, I’m not a professional DIY-er or anything like that, but hey! It works and I love how it turned out.

Tools & materials used:

  • a 7 inch / 18 cm rectangular piece of wood, with a thickness at least 3 times of the phone;
  • a small saw;
  • a small hatchet ( I know, right?);
  • some wood lacquer – I chose one with UV and water protection, with walnut coloring, what you see is the result of two thin coats;
  • a paintbrush to apply the lacquer with;
  • a measuring tape;
  • an electric sander (could have done it by hand but this helped make a 10-minute sanding process in about 2 minutes so it helped a lot);

How I made the wooden phone stand

  • Measure the wood according to your phone height. I left a thick base so I can see more of the wood
  • I don’t have any electrical wood cutting tools, so I cut it with a small saw
  • measured the phone’s thickness and marked the wood where it would have about twice the thickness to make the base holding spot
  • cut a small 0.5-inch groove at the top of the wood piece
  • actually slightly bashed the hatchet in that groove, until the wood cracked downwards, with about 1 – 1.5 inch left at the bottom
  • cut the excess part so the base can be made
  • sanded the whole thing a bit. Not too much as I wanted to still have some irregularities and imperfections
  • sand the base of the stand and the spot where the phone will sit to be level
  • cut a small piece of the leftover wood for the back support of the stand
  • glued it to the main part
  • first lacquer coat with a paintbrush was applied
  • 12-hour dry time
  • second lacquer coat and 24h to dry
  • done! It sits beautifully

In the end, I am very pleased with the results. Could it have turned out looking better by paying more attention to details? Sure. Some power tools would have helped? Sure. But this is unique. The hatchet part gave it some nice texture where the phone sits and it looks pretty great.

It took about 10 minutes of actual work, and some waiting for the lacquer to dry.

So yeah, I just made myself a free gift considering the materials are just leftovers from building the dog kennels. Next up, a notebook stand! Sometime in the future.